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  • Thumbnail

    David Dreman on Tactical Asset Allocation

    Some investors advocate tactical asset allocation (TAA) or the practice of adjusting the portfolio mix of stocks, bonds and cash to economic and/or market conditions.

  • investing couch potato

    Why Passive Investors Aren’t Really Lazy

    A couple of weeks ago, Balance Junkie wrote a post called Why This Is No Market for Couch Potatoes. The main argument of the post—one that has been made many times before—is that passive investing is fine during bull markets, but it likely won’t work going forward because “we are in a secular bear market that began [...]

  • Romana King

    Which renos add value? (and which don’t)

    There’s a myth that extra bathrooms and bedrooms always add value to a home. The reality is that smart renovations add value. To help you make smart decisions here’s a list of projects that, on average, provide the highest return and a few that don’t (and boy you’ll be surprised)