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  • RESP Calculator

    Enter your current RESP holdings and planned annual contribution to calcuate how much you'll save over the years. The tool automatically adds in your Canada Education Savings Grants and calculates your compound interest.

  • Mortgage Calculator

    Enter the amount of your loan and the terms to find out what your monthly payments will be, and the total cost of your mortgage.

  • University Cost Calculator

    This calculator lets you select the actual university that you plan to attend, then calculates the tuition and the fees for residence, meal plans, athletics, health and student services to come up with the total annual cost.

  • Life Expectancy Calculator

    Your longevity is a key consideration in retirement planning. This tool lets you enter your age, gender, lifestyle and medical factors then uses actuarial tables to predict how long you will live.

  • Portfolio tracker

    With this tool you can enter your investments and track how well they perform over time. You can also view stock charts, company news, and practice buying and selling equities and funds.