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MoneySense magazine Canadian Business magazine PROFIT magazine

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One Mount Pleasant Road, 11th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M4Y 2Y5
Phone: (416) 764–1400
Fax: (416) 764–1376
Advertising sales: (416) 764-1400
Subscriber services questions service@moneysense.ca

Publisher: Kenneth Whyte
Editor: Duncan Hood

Magazine Editorial
Managing Editor: Sarah Efron
Features Editor: Romana King
Data Manager: Phil Froats
Associate Editors: Kasey Coholan, Jacqueline Nelson
Contributing Editors: Suzane Abboud, David Aston, Dan Bortolotti, Norm Rothery

Art Director: Christine Dewairy (on leave), Una Janicijevic (acting)
Associate Art Director: Brianne Collins
Design Consultant: Scott Gibbs
Senior Designer: Glenn Taylor
Photo Editor: Ronit Novak
Contributing Photo Editors: Anna Lisa Sang, Jenna Marie Wakani

Production Editor: Mai Nguyen
Digital Colour Specialists: Richard Redditt, Andre Singh

Director of Editorial Operations: Christine Johnston
Administrative Associate: Emily Nastasi
Administrative Assistant: Rebecca Torres

Managing Editor: Don Sutton
Senior Editors: Samson Okalow, Jody White
Online Editors: Amber Bellaire, Matthew Halliday
Web Producer: Philip Schrauwers

Advertising Sales
(416) 764-1400 adsales@moneysense.rogers.com
Group Advertising Director: Lesley Mellor